Mixtapes Aren’t Dead

It used to be way more common for artists to build fanbases with mixtapes. Think about Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, even Drake – all put out a lot of music on mixtapes long before they started officially “releasing” … Read More

Why High Quality Mixes Matter

You find a dope beat on YouTube on your phone. You listen to it and decide to buy the track out. You pull it up and listen to it in your DAW and all of the sudden, you realize that … Read More

Having Your Own Producer

One thing that has separated the ultra successful rappers and artists from the rest of the pack is that they have a steady, consistent source for super high-quality beats. They get beats sent straight to their inbox that they know … Read More

Why You Need to Make More Music

We’re going to start this one off with a quote from the artist formerly known as Kanye West: “Do you lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for three summers? That’s a different world like Kree Summers, … Read More

Exclusive Licenses: The Truth

You’re probably used to seeing something along these lines: BUY 1 GET 3 FREE BEATS $25 – MP3 w/o tags, limited sales, no streaming, non-profit use $50 – WAV w/o tags, limited sales, limited streaming $200 – WAV Stem Trackouts, … Read More

The PALA Sound Shop Advantage

If you’ve been looking around online for how to get high quality beats with unlimited licenses, you’ve probably come to one of these conclusions at some point during your search: It’s hella expensive. It’s hard to find “high quality” when … Read More

How It Works – PALA Sound Shop

This quick post will walk you through exactly how to use PALA Sound Shop to get the perfect beat for your next project. Step 1: Log-In Once you’ve activated your account and have chosen a plan, simply log-in and go … Read More

Flood the Market – GaryVee Business Meetings

FLOOD THE MARKET If you’re not familiar with GaryVee, you need to be. One of the greatest business minds of our generation. He started taking meetings with his favorite up-and-coming artists and filming them / sharing them. These meetings are … Read More

Licensing – The PALA Sound Shop Way

Why We Did It Licensing is complicated business. We realized that it’s not always transparent or clear to the licensee (a.k.a. the artist downloading the beat) what exactly they’re getting into. So we changed that. Almost all other licenses for … Read More