You’re probably used to seeing something along these lines:


$25 – MP3 w/o tags, limited sales, no streaming, non-profit use

$50 – WAV w/o tags, limited sales, limited streaming

$200 – WAV Stem Trackouts, limited sales, limited streaming

$300+ – Exclusive License

Let’s look at that last option – the “Exclusive License” for the beat. This is something we get asked about from time to time, and it’s an interesting topic in today’s game.

The funny thing about exclusive licenses is that they are actually very often not actually exclusive. Think about this: let’s say 3 people purchase the $25 MP3 option, 1 person purchases the $50 WAV version, and another person purchases the $200 WAV Stem Trackouts version. That’s 5 people with a legal license to use the beat.

But then, a sixth person comes along and decides to purchase the “Exclusive License”. There’s two problems:

  1. What happens to the first 5 people who purchased legal licenses and have a right to use the beat? Are their licenses now void and did they just waste their money and time on a beat that they can’t legally use anymore?
  2. What about the person who purchased the Exclusive License? It’s not really exclusive if 5 other people can also use it…

Now, this issue is swiftly swept under the rug by producers and online stores that operate under this type model. They simply don’t address this issue and continue selling exclusive licenses AND non-exclusive licenses of the same beat.

This seemingly works out ok for everyone UNTIL all of the non-exclusive license holders receive a Cease & Desist letter from the Exclusive License holder’s lawyer stating that they have to remove their song from existence and could be fined if they don’t do it immediately. That’s NO FUN for anyone.

We met with a few different experts on this issue and came to a simple conclusion: Exclusive Licenses are simply not what they seem, and it should make you skeptical if you see this offering alongside non-exclusive licenses of the same beat.

That being said – there are a ton of really well-meaning producers out there who haven’t thought this through entirely who are offering Exclusive and Non-Exclusive licenses of the same beat. They’re probably not trying to rip anybody off or cause problems.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

At PALA Sound Shop, we thought a lot about this issue BECAUSE we don’t want to cause these problems or mislead anyone on our license agreements.

You can feel confident that when you download a beat from PALA Sound Shop, you’re NEVER going to run into any copyright or license issues down the road.

We’ve kept it as simple as possible on purpose because we want it to be extremely transparent and fair for everyone. That’s why we don’t offer so-called “Exclusive Licenses”.

If you have any questions on this, hit us up and we’re happy to discuss it further with you. Now go write a hit.

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