One thing that has separated the ultra successful rappers and artists from the rest of the pack is that they have a steady, consistent source for super high-quality beats. They get beats sent straight to their inbox that they know will be well mixed and ready to go if they feel inspired to write to it.

It’s an important detail that many up-and-coming artists overlook. When a bigger artist is working on a project, they may write 50 songs to 50 different beats that are sent to them, and then choose the absolute best tracks to release on the project.

This has been nearly impossible for up-and-coming artists to do for one main reason: they have to spend a ton of time finding high quality beats to work with, and rarely get the type of quality that they are hoping for.

We decided to change that for artists. We want you to be able to focus on building your craft of writing and performing, and not have to worry about finding high quality beats online.

That’s why we release a new beat every single day on our website – ready for you to download and use the WAV stem track out if it inspires you to write that day. We want to create the type of environment that allows you to create more and focus on developing yourself as an artist.

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