It used to be way more common for artists to build fanbases with mixtapes. Think about Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, even Drake – all put out a lot of music on mixtapes long before they started officially “releasing” music.

As the lines have blurred in recent years, who’s to say exactly what a “mixtape” is. (There’s probably some trolls out there who will come at me with some technical definition of what mixtape means. Come at me, I want to hear it 😜).

But the idea of releasing a mixtape is still VERY relevant. It’s the result of releasing a mixtape that is the value here. This is what mixtapes do for you as an artist:

  1. Gives fans an easy way to listen to your musical style without having to purchase anything.
  2. Makes it familiar with a few beats from well-known songs as well as a few fresh, new beats.
  3. Lets fans know that you can make a lot of music. Fans don’t want to invest themselves in you if you’re a one and done thing.
  4. Provides you with Content that you can market yourself with on social media, forums, blogs, etc.

It seems obvious listing out those points, but it’s important to remember and is often the last things we think about.

Whether you decide to release a traditional mixtape, or you decide to switch it up and release a song every week for a whole year, think about how you can achieve those goals with your work and you’ll be in much better shape when it comes to building a loyal fanbase.

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